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Houston Based Website & Graphic Design Specialist

Have your website designed by someone who will actually take the time to understand your business.

Years ago, all you worried about was having a website. Something that showed off your company’s products or services and would lead the customer back to you. Now there are literally millions of websites competing for the attention of your potential new customer. Now you have to worry about your website not looking out of date, having relevant content, your meta tags, search engine optimization and much more.

My name is Chris Jones and I specialize in website design, consulting and much more. I find that there are a lot of people that have small or medium size businesses that need a website that communicates their business on a professional level but feel that to do so will either be too expensive or they are afraid that it is too complicated to deploy.

I handle everything, including getting your domain name, hosting, design and everything in between. I simplify the process and will never try to talk over your head. I can do anything from a simple one page site that communicates the basics about your business or a multipage site that truly highlights all aspects of your company.

I am located in Houston, Texas and can meet with you in the greater Houston area to discuss your needs. But if you are located elsewhere (the majority of my clients are) we can handle everything simply over the phone and through email communication.

I can deliver with over 20 years experience coordinating print and web projects for a multitude of companies all across North America. Call me today at 713.557.5457 or email me at

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